Need suggestions selecting my next champions

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ITT: People tell you how to spend your money on the internet.
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antroz92 posted...
got into a game, already has rp, thats a waste of money LOL. not lv 30, dont buy rp. get ur champs w/ ip, thats ur most bang for ur buck. rp is for skins.
buy a champ w/ ip, get to master him, by that time u have enough ip for another champ. i buy depending of how is their gameplay. i learned to adc cause of free riot trist. more importat, is a free game, you got a bang for buck there v.v, why pay when its free.

Some people like to get new content that adds to the game.

Some people like to play dress up.

It's all personal preference.
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Not everyone has the time to farm IP for 110 champions. Give him a break.
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lol at saying it's okay to spend money on skins (useless) but not on champions (useful)

Hey what's going on in this thread
My friend's YouTubes. She's got LP's and stuff.
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If you're interested in getting support champs, I advise looking on either Taric or Thresh. They're good.

But to be honest, I'd advise you to look for champions that interest you the most, and decide whether it's good enough to buy them in IP, or spend it through RP. No problem either way. Check out Youtube for champions that interest you the most.

And oh, don't forget iiTryhard's advice: Like LoL facebook page for a free Tristana and her skin Riot Girl Tristana.
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Thanks for the advice guys. I'm definitely gonna grab Tristana and Taric. Taric in particular seems interesting. I definitely want to learn how to support properly.
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