Why fix something that ain't broken? Curse been doing fine this season.

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Happyscrub's league of legends rank is higher than 95% gamefaqs posters. This is why gamefaqs jealous of him. That's why they troll him. So sad, So bad, so mad.
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I thought he got permabanned.
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He's on their B team (Curse Academy). I doubt they're actually planning on bringing him onto their real team anytime soon. From the article, it sounds like he's just going to practice with the main team and then bring what he learns back to Academy. Who knows what'll actually happen if he gets un-suspended from the LCS though.

Black_Assassin posted...
I thought he got permabanned.

He did, but he remade an account and is back up to diamond (I believe, I think I've seen him in games on streams before). He's only suspended from the LCS for this year, and according to the article Riot's given him a way to get back before his time is up.
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