Which champ can go no items 1v5 vs intermediate bots?

#1Rumble_TristyPosted 3/10/2013 9:18:28 AM
Truly the ultimate challenge. Already at level 1 you are at a massive disadvantage and it gets bigger with time because you aren't allowed to buy items.

I think Yi is the only one who can do this.
#2WayavasPosted 3/10/2013 9:19:27 AM
joke topic
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#3Shadow EdgePosted 3/10/2013 9:19:40 AM
... no one. Akali very easily snowballs against bots but that's because she gets items. Hyperfarm champs will lose the game before they reach god status.
#4Black_AssassinPosted 3/10/2013 9:20:19 AM
Wayavas posted...
joke topic

but i heard everyone in gamefaqs can 1v5 bots with only one hand and blindfolded
#5Camel-RiderPosted 3/10/2013 9:20:37 AM
no champion can do that.
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#6cadePosted 3/10/2013 9:21:11 AM
Vayne or Kog maybe just because bots are easily kited and the max health damage those heros do still kills even without items (Vayne would be best imo because she does true damage).
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#7Silver Shadow XPosted 3/10/2013 9:21:28 AM
Wha? Ridiculous.
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#8Rumble_Tristy(Topic Creator)Posted 3/10/2013 9:27:33 AM
Might not be impossible if you do some hardcore kiting with Poppy.
#9MakJussPosted 3/10/2013 9:35:41 AM
Easiest 1 vs 5 no item intermediate bots ?

A. Tristana.

B. Thresh

C. Sona
#10Kandar888Posted 3/10/2013 9:38:33 AM
This thread is like trying to divide by 0. It simply isn't possible. And I'm referring to trying to 1v5 intermediate bots in the first place.