The last champion you played as...

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TheSchref posted...

Can I do her?

. . . Nin-cest?
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I miss my kind...
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Jax is my father?

I am now 80% more awesome
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Ah who cares POWAHHHHHHH.
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Leona... I'm OK with this. I'd also like Pantheon to be my dad.
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wantfastcars posted...
Unbridled9 posted...
So your father is a bear? Think about what that means about both you and your conception.

It means I'm half-bear (HELL. YES.) and that my mom screwed a bear (Ew). I think being half-bear and my dad being Voli outweighs the slight oddity of my mom having screwed a bear.

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brb, vomiting
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Riven is my mother?

I'm totally okay with having a totally badass mom.
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Gragas .. My poor liver
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