Won against a pretty op team

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3 years ago#1


let's go celtics and knicks
3 years ago#2
did they not know how to use their comp? or did they start getting cocky after creaming you guys early on?
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3 years ago#3
Kayle mid?

That is the initiation team.
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3 years ago#4
If you won it must not be op right?
3 years ago#5
i peeled hard for trist and xerath poked hard we had better engages tbh lol
let's go celtics and knicks
3 years ago#6
Your team isn't exactly bad. Tons of ways to protect Tristana and a Yorick to ult her.
3 years ago#7
You had just as much CC and arguably more damage. Seems like a pretty good match up. Also you had the pokes, which people don't plan enough around, but should.
3 years ago#8
So which team is supposed to be op? Because they look pretty even.
3 years ago#9
Maybe if they had MF
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3 years ago#10
1. Yorick wins his top lane easily.
2. Jarvan probably much more confident as a jungler early on.
3. Trist does more damage than vayne simply because of her AS steroid + redonkulous range.
4. Xerath... Poke Poke poke poke poke... lolz y u not engaging? y? poke poke poke poke.
5. Ali is one good bodyguard.

Maybe if they had Jax or Olaf top or something, things might be different.
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