Read this if you think you're in "elo hell"

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I thought I was in elo hell. when I started in ranked I was put Bronze III. Since i was pretty new to the game I was fine with my placement. I havent even played 300+ games yet so it made sense. Played a few games, did okay, but then that's when everything went downhill.

Long story short I went through a huge painful experience of losing game after game and always just ending up on the short end of things. It partly had to do with bad teams but it mostly had to do with me.

I wasn't the type of person to blame everyone else for why I was in this ranked, (yes there are some games where you're team is really bad especially in bronze but that's just normal). Everywhere I read that you need to carry your team to get out of elo hell and in all honesty they were right. But I wasn't good enough. Thus began my long struggle in finding myself and working hard to get better.

Just a few days ago I just started playing much better out of the blue. Things just clicked, I made the right decisions and I lead my team by example and decision making and I've barely lost any game for the past 3 days. Yes i'm still in bronze but right now I feel much more confident about the future of my playing and yes I still lose sometimes to afkers and trolls but at the end of the day you have to put it aside to get through to the end if you really want it.

TL;DR If you think you're in ELO hell, work hard, study the game, watch the pro's and overall find your champ and your role. Mine turned out to be skarner jungle. ;)

Thanks for reading and happy playing!

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This guy gets it.
Why can't more people see things like this TT_TT
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hey TC you can read my mind
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how do you explain consistent stats in silver 1 but now you've almost dropped to silver 3 and its almost impossible to climb because of elo hell teammates
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S84_The_Patch posted...
This guy gets it.
Why can't more people see things like this TT_TT


I just find that people don't want to take responsibility for their actions. (I can't carry top if bot keeps feeding etc.) If people started to do that they would become so much better no just in league but life in general.

I see it in life and relationships too. My friend tells me his ex is crazy and that's why HE dumped her. But the fact is she's probably not crazy. Clearly I know the girl and she's a nice gal.

It's just that people want a scapegoat. It makes them feel better.

I'm not perfect either though. I've done crap like that too. But you just have to realize it and become better from it.

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a5ny5 posted...
how do you explain consistent stats in silver 1 but now you've almost dropped to silver 3 and its almost impossible to climb because of elo hell teammates

I would love to learn a little more info about it. Could you give me your summoner name or link me to your lolking?
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a5ny5 posted...

Looking at your ranked stats they aren't that bad. I would highly look back on your games and look at the plays you make. That I find says a lot about yourself. Just because you get a decent KDA does not mean you're a good player (i'm not saying you're a bad player at all though!)

Remember though that you can't control your other team mates so make the plays that you would think benefit the team the most and sometimes that means losing a bit of CS or something. Talk to your team and PLEASE dont bash them. They (most of the time) want to win as much as you do and I can guarentee you that they'll play even worse when you call them "Noob" every time they make a mistake.

Every time I have a team mate turret dive or do something that causes a mistake instead of name calling I ask them "Why did you do that?" Most of the time they'll honestly give an answer. Then say something positive afterwards and your already fixed a bad mistake as much as you can. :)

*Spec tip* Get an extra rune page or two. Also in my opnion dont go for magic resis glyph but instead scaling magic resis glyph because I find AP to be weak early game and much stronger late game so that extra bit of MR will make you a bit tankier.
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To all the people getting low League Points,

it's probably due to you about to advance a league and or winning a lot of games in a row. You MMR is probably not as high as you're winning games. Thus the ranking system is giving you lower League points to even out the wins so your wins can catch up with your MMR.

It's testing you to see if you really deserve it and if you continue to win more than lose your MMR will reach a high enough point to get you more League Points allowing you to advance much quicker.

You don't see people at a high league with low MMR. That doesn't make sense. Thus the low league points is the ranking systems way of evening out your score if you're winning a lot.
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It's called a watershed moment and everyone who is actively trying to get better (playing with the right mindset) goes through this. Grata on you getting better. Eventually they ( ws moments) slow down immensley and you have to pick up on the smallest details to continue to improve
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