Canon topic: who is the weakest champion in the league?

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guys you don't realize that amazing man would trump batman any day of the week. he beat the googling grappler to a pulp so obviously batman would just **** himself upon realizing he has to fight him.
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From: wantfastcars | #003
Physically? Probably Ezrael, Lux, or Sona.
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albelclaw posted...
And for the new champion:


He is an assassin jungler who deals tons of damage with his long range batarangs. I recommend building trinity force on him.

Kind of steps on Vayne's toes. Her parents were murdered in front of her and now she seeks revenge on evil. She hides in shadows leaping on rooftops stalking evildoers(with a focus on mages). She has devised tools to help purify the wicked. Her name is Sasha Vayne. Also, she is strongest late game(with time to plan as it were).
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i feel like this topic got derailed a little bit, so i'll put my 2 cents in on both topics

weakest champ is probably heimerdinger as stated earlier. he is a great scientist, but not a great combatant by any stretch of the imagination.

batman is the best superhero under normal circumstances but there have been a few cases involving omnipotent power levels where i think batman would fall a bit short.
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Batman kicked Superman's ass.

ontopic: All the hamster people are weakest.
Rumble, Teemo etc.
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Back on topic, my vote goes to Poppy. Her strength comes entirely from the fact that she has diplomatic immunity. In a real fight, she'd be slaughtered. Well, I mean, she does have a cool hammer and armour, and she at least knows how to use the hammer, but the others have so much more going for them.
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Barocrates posted...
lol@Iron Man

Iron Man has proven that, without his suit, he's absolutely helpless.

Captain America deactivated his suit, and proceeded to look like a man smacking around a little child.

With the suit in full operation, Batman still wins. What do you think Mr. Freeze - a man Batman has trounced on many occasions - is? A guy in a powered suit. He sort of has practice against the sort of thing.

There has only been two people I've seen Batman concede defeat to, and both of them were humans without super powers.

Is one of the people you are referring to Bane?
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XcaIIion posted...
i feel like this topic got derailed a little bit, so i'll put my 2 cents in on both topics

weakest champ is probably heimerdinger as stated earlier. he is a great scientist, but not a great combatant by any stretch of the imagination.

batman is the best superhero under normal circumstances but there have been a few cases involving omnipotent power levels where i think batman would fall a bit short.

Yeah, Power Rangers would kick Batman's ass
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In order to determine who is weakest or strongest, it helps to know what specifically we are looking for. Caitlyn would lose to most champions in arm wrestling, but in terms of total power, she is the Sheriff of a fairly powerful city state. We can confirm that she has allies; if you tried to punch her in the face, Vi would likely break your arm. The equation is a bit more complicated if we want to includea champion's position and allies into the equation.

For the most part, we can rule the magical champions out as being the weakest. In the League, they tend to only have 4 spells at their disposal, but they all know how to cast more spells than that. Lux can turn invisible, Sona knows more than 3 songs, Annie can incorporealize creatures and bind them in stuffed animals, but a Summoner can only attune themselves to a portion of a champions power, hence why they get less spells than they would normally know. This tends to be handy, as it keeps things fair for champions that aren't using magic (Melee champions would have a hard time dealing with Annie if she could cram them into stuffed animals), but it also makes it hard to tell how powerful they are in relation to each other.

But we can say that they are stronger than champions who rely only on one weapon without any intrinsic ability to stop themselves from being turned into cupcakes. If we look at for example Graves, all he has is his shotgun and his head; he doesn't even have allies after years of being in prison. Vayne is similarly pretty weak. She has her tools, and her athletics, but she specifically works alone. So if she ever got into a fight, she would be on her own.

With this in mind, my top 5 weakest champions in terms of total power are:
Graves. He has a custom shotgun and is a wanted criminal in most city states, and that is all he has. Not only does he have no allies or special powers, but a lot of people already hate him.
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Vayne. She has her weapons and her training and at least has money, but she's also a criminal (vigilantes tend to be) and doesn't have any allies. Not only that, but her actions in the League make her noticed. She joined specifically to practice killing the witches and warlocks and other dark magic abusers that she fights on her own time, but as she studies them, they study her. Noxus is quite interested in seeing her dead, and more than a few Noxian Summoners have been inside her head from time to time.

Sivir used to be a part of the Noxian Military as a long term mercenary leader. She broke her contract with them after she pointed out the mistakes they were making in planning the war; she predicted that a long and bloody stalemate would happen (which totally did happen) and refused to lock herself into that when she could join the League and make twice as much money. So although she's richer than Vayne, she also has no allies and can't really protect herself if someone with an army decides to kill her.

Rumble takes spot number 4, simply because he is a Yordle. Inventors have proven themselves within the League. Jayce, Singed, Heimer, Viktor, and Rumble are all fairly powerful champions, and we can assume that Science gives them the edge they need to compete with Magic if they have enough time. But Yordles have a crippling weakness; their physiology requires that they spend time with other Yordles. Otherwise, they turn sour. Veigar because lost in his madness, Amumu became lost in despair, and Teemo is close to becoming a sociopath, spared only by the camaraderie he has with the other yordles in his command (ie Tristana). But Rumble has no one. He's already started talking to his machine as if it were alive. How long does he have before his isolation ruins him? Insanity works just fine for Veigar or Amumu's black magic, but it doesn't work nearly as well with mechanics. He's more likely to blow himself up, assuming someone like Viktor doesn't install a logic center in him to keep him from turning.

Zilean. I know I said that mages tend to be a big deal, but Zilean has chrono-displasia, which is an illness where his mind does not (normally) exist within the same time period as his body. So Zilean could be in next Tuesday while someone is attacking him today, leaving him more or less unable to help himself. Although he is being treated by the League, there is no known cure for this disease, and it's very condition would make it very hard for him to defend himself. It's fine for him during League matches since someone else is controlling him when he is summoned, but there is nothing he can do to prevent you from shooting him if he drops into a year ago before he knew you were trying to kill him when you pull the trigger. So just like Rumble he is a victim of disease, but at least he has trained specialist trying to help him overcome it.

For the people saying Twitch, he is Twitch because he's infused by crazy Zaun science and elixers. And he's a popular champion for Zaun. He's at least got a few allies, and is closer to Gragas when it comes to how his powers work.

For the people saying Amumu, he is kept animate by the dark magics of Shurima, the same place where Xerath used to live before he bound himself to a sarcophagus as his pseudo Egyptian brothers nuked themselves out of the history books. He can't be killed and he's clearly Cursed. He's stronger than many give him credit for.

And for the record, honorable mentions go to Taric and Miss Fortune. Taric's magic is fueled by gems from his home planet; one wonders how many of those he has left, and what will happen to him if or when he runs out. And Miss Fortune has her guns, her money, her ship, and not much else. She is trying to unite Bligewater into a city state by it's own right, at which point she's have quite a bit more power, but until that happens she's pretty weak.
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