Are there any top-lane champs with a strong late game with AoE damage

#1Paranoia2mbPosted 3/13/2013 9:08:48 PM
I don't remember any right now for some reason o_0
#2albinorhino004Posted 3/13/2013 9:10:39 PM
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#3UndeadAuraPosted 3/13/2013 9:10:58 PM
cho'gath, singed
plenty others, those are my most recent.. xD
#4KeiHazuki99Posted 3/13/2013 9:11:08 PM
Cho'Gath and Renekton.
#5DeadpooL7Posted 3/13/2013 9:12:12 PM
Depends on how strong of a late game you want who qualifies...

But Jayce, Nasus, Garen, Riven, Tryn, Singed, Renek, actually.... almost all top laners have some sort of AoE damage spell so just pick whoever you think is strong late game.
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#6JustAPoorBoyPosted 3/13/2013 9:12:47 PM
Jax with a Hydra
#7Laffy444Posted 3/13/2013 9:13:02 PM
#8BhelliumPosted 3/13/2013 9:14:07 PM
flaminglink posted...
Jax with a Hydra

focus him if you dare
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#10VoidgolemPosted 3/13/2013 9:26:42 PM
rumble and kennen seem to fit the bill.

guess late game is debatable in kennen's case.