who is your favourite tank

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I'll tell you how to optimise their effective HP
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Edit: and Renekton
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ok after this dominion game i will calculate it
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ok cho is a strange one.
Assuming flat armor yellow, scaling mr blue, level 18, max stacks and 21 defense tree.

build 1000 HP and 150 in resists. (MR + armour)
build 1500 and 230 in resists.
build 2000 and 300 in resists.
--- cant really build beyond here----
build 2600 hp and 377 in resists.

This is how much you should BUILD assuming you take (50% magic and 50% physical), on top of what you already have.
Cho is strange because he is very resist heavy, warmogs doesn't fit into those numbers at all (would be sub-optimal to have too much HP)

Runic gives 400 HP and 90 in resists, then randuin's gives 500 HP and 70 in resists putting you close to the first checkpoint.

A spirit visage and a liandry's should put you close to the second checkpoint.
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I personally like T-37 and T-38. Although they didn't have a lot of firepower, they could go underwater (amphibious tanks rule) and had excellent mobility.
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Shyvana is about the closest to a tank I'll play.
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For renekton, with 21 offense 9 defense, no ult

910 hp 23 resist ----> warmogs is a good choice
1500 hp 106 resist ---> randuin's or runic good choice
2273 hp 212 resist ----> warmogs/runic/ turn on ult + resist boots + frozen heart gets you in the ballpark

extremely late game you want to build
2650 hp 264 resists
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Nasus ftw.
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MIG297 posted...
Shyvana is about the closest to a tank I'll play.

Shyvana has naturally high resists from her ultimate passive and active.

You should be looking at:

1000 HP no resist -> warmogs best first item for tankiness
1445 HP 63 resist -> randuin's good second item
2000 HP 140 resist -> wits end and sunfire

extremely late

2400 194 resist

EDIT: you probably want frozen mallet instead of warmogs for shyvana