So I had team of Caitlyn, Annie, Janna, Fiora and Sona...

#1Stalky24Posted 3/16/2013 1:29:03 PM
...but it was k coz Fiora was fed
#2TheSchrefPosted 3/16/2013 1:30:18 PM
You're the fat one here....

#3Stalky24(Topic Creator)Posted 3/16/2013 1:31:46 PM
Im not even on the photo...

But I am not slim :(
#4Svara_DodolaPosted 3/16/2013 1:34:18 PM
That's not even fat. That's not even chubby.
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#5TheTrueAmericanPosted 3/16/2013 1:35:10 PM
Svara_Dodola posted...
That's not even fat. That's not even chubby.

#6EDumeyPosted 3/16/2013 1:36:41 PM
Eh, from what I see the Fiora could be a little chubby. Certainly not fat though.
#7GerobonPosted 3/16/2013 1:44:45 PM
That Cait looks dead inside.
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#8Damien 5000Posted 3/16/2013 1:46:22 PM
Janna looks horrible.
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#9supergiest1234Posted 3/16/2013 1:52:18 PM
Damien 5000 posted...
Janna looks horrible.

That isn't Janna. That is an elf from LOTR.
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#10TekutsoPosted 3/16/2013 1:53:53 PM
Dat janna looks like a street roaming crack ho.
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