How long before a jungler should start ganking

#11Milkydragon102Posted 3/16/2013 3:00:24 PM
Your main goal should be to ensure kills but should that fail, it's always nice to force the enemy to burn their flash.

But if you try to gank heartless and slippery champs like Kassadin, you can hang that crap up.
#12EDumeyPosted 3/16/2013 3:01:10 PM
Most laners expect the first ganks to be coming out around the 4 minute mark, so they are more likely to be highly aggressive before then.

This means earlier ganks usually have more potential to catch someone off guard.
#13MIG297Posted 3/16/2013 3:32:29 PM
Depends on the jungler but if your lanes are getting pushed that early you should try and gank at level 2. You don't need to get a kill, just hit them for a bit of damage and then leave. Just enough to get your team back on track.
#14viajarvPosted 3/17/2013 12:31:46 AM
In the end I think an aggressive jungler prevails. The lanes should try to accomodate with when the jungler is in their side of the woods, and should have an idea of where wards are at. Or if that's not an option, should have let their lane pushed to the point where a tri bush gank possible. If say a Leona or Ali is support, then at level 2 the jungler should be ready to assist while the support uses their combo on someone and get them to waste their flash at the very least.
#15hibbijoPosted 3/17/2013 6:30:08 AM
Jungle ganks have nothing to do with time. It has to do with opportunity.
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#16BhelliumPosted 3/17/2013 6:51:42 AM
hibbijo posted...
Jungle ganks have nothing to do with time. It has to do with opportunity.

best way to look at it

I normally just want to farm with some characters like Shyv but if an opportunity presents itself, go for it.
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#17SalvatorePosted 3/17/2013 7:51:42 AM
Different junglers have different ganking styles. If you're playing Xin Zhao, for example, you're going to get ganks running a lot faster than a Nautilus will. It is also dependent on the state of the game at that moment - I've turned around a midlane gank with a level 3 Nautilus (not even a point in the hook) into a double kill just because the positioning was absolutely perfect for me as I was running through to my red buff; this would ordinarily seem like an incredibly silly move, but the opportunity just happened to be there.
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