Let's talk about jungle Jayce.

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3 years ago#1
Good? Bad? Mid tier? Top tier?

His E in cannon form looks like it's great for ganking. That coupled with a well aimed Q and a Q and E in hammer form afterwards makes for some good ganks no?
3 years ago#2
lets not and say we didn't
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3 years ago#3
terrible clear
3 years ago#4
no point when you can play him mid or top
3 years ago#5
3 years ago#6
The only way to play him is if you use all of your cooldowns clearing every camp every time they're up, otherwise you'll be pretty slow. Since you're constantly spamming skills, you run out of mana extremely fast and can't gank well either. Best played in a lane.
3 years ago#7
kinda like jungle riven.

It's not that he'd bad at jungling, it's that he needs rather more cash than what you can get out of the jungle.

Lack of innate sustain also hurts a bit.
3 years ago#8
A lot of junglers can work if they do "okay". If they enable a couple ganks and fail a couple ones, and lose a couple buffs too many to the enemy jungler, but take dragon, they'll still be able to contribute overall. Maybe enough damage to take out a squishy before a bruiser crushes them, maybe they can initiate well, maybe they got some CC.

Jayce is not one of these junglers. Jayce needs to be effing amazing to get anything done without lane income. If he only does "okay" then he's basically got nothing.

Of course if you are effing amazing and do everything right then he's a scary-ass force of nature. So, you know, high-risk, high-reward, that sort of thing. But I wouldn't recommend it. There are way safer picks out there that will work at least as well if you play them perfectly.
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3 years ago#9
Arken101 posted...
lets not and say we didn't
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