Is it possible to lose a game post-40 minutes if you have a nasus who has 30 cs?

#1KoHfamPosted 3/16/2013 6:58:32 PM(edited)
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So, the other team was: Lux, Kat, Graves, Nami, and Jax.

Our team was (matching up in lanes): Riven, Nasus, Vayne, Leona, and Maokai.

They had gotten 2 barons, a third was about to come up. I believe we were up by 3 towers, though that's a rough guestimate.

Magy go ahead and put whatever details you want.

**EDIT**: Turns out my keyboard is op. It's 300 cs.
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#2Flare the EchidnaPosted 3/16/2013 6:57:45 PM
If you have 30cs at post-40 minutes as Nasus then you really really suck at this game.