How to build akali

#1Unit1027Posted 3/17/2013 7:53:05 PM
I jist got her and thought she would be crazy hard to use. First time i played her i got like 16/2 anyways.

How do you build her? I only got to use sorc boots, gunblade,rylais and lichbane

Do you max out q or e? Q for poke/harass or E for farm?

Runes? I use my typical ap runes

Is she better top or mid? I only used her top

Lastly, who are her counters and who does she counter?
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Only use E for farming, it's mostly useless for fighting because it destroys your energy.

Start Boots + Pots (upgrade to Sorcs/Mercs depending on situation)
Rush Gunblade
Then Lich Bane and a Defensive item. Can also get Void Staff/Hourglass/Deathfire/Liandry's
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