ashe support + AD sona

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User Info: Nimblenewt

4 years ago#1
tried this out with my brother a few times. It works pretty well. Ashe brings utility, and since Ashe isn't farming, her passive is often up when you get an opportunity to harrass. W + AA crit, combined with Sona's Q, auto attack, and passive does mean damage.

Plus, when you hit 6 you're pretty much guaranteed a kill with the 2 ults
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User Info: iscareu13

4 years ago#2
However, Ashe Support and AD Sona late game both suck.

User Info: Skul_

4 years ago#3
AD Ashe + Sona support is even better.
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User Info: Dolethor

4 years ago#4
My name is Draven and I approve this message.
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