Any other champs besides Olaf, Elise, Darius, and Zac that can build

#51iiTryhardPosted 3/18/2013 3:23:45 PM
zac does like 0 damage
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#52thedarklordx3Posted 3/18/2013 3:48:27 PM
jax maybe? idk, I know he can do the reverse(build damage and be tanky) but maybe he can do this too?
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#53VoidgolemPosted 3/18/2013 3:53:08 PM
Zed can build straight tank and not be laughed at later in the game?

News to me.
#54PhoenixEgg88Posted 3/18/2013 4:01:34 PM
if someone lanes against me as mundo im picking yorick and stomping all over you.
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