3/19 - 3/21 Sales

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User Info: xX Joshy Xx

xX Joshy Xx
4 years ago#11
Will probably buy Pantheon. No interest in Sejuani or Jarvan though.
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User Info: zepfya

4 years ago#12
These sales keep getting worse and worse, two cheap champs, one which is getting nerfed and a 6300 champ that no one plays. Nice.

User Info: centurion911

4 years ago#13
May buy the Morg or Panth skin
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User Info: Klobzi

4 years ago#14
I was hoping for a Kha'Zix sale, but only one can dream...

User Info: angelofdeath99

4 years ago#15
wow this sale is so trash...
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User Info: FlareZero

4 years ago#16
Hopefully we get something else.
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User Info: POkemon_PoWeR

4 years ago#17
FlareZero posted...
Hopefully we get something else.

Possibly rune page sale.
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User Info: Leighton04

4 years ago#18
Both Panth and Morgs best skins and you still call it a pathetic sale?

I am the law

User Info: themagicpainman

4 years ago#19
Outback Renekton sale where
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User Info: DemaciaRookie

4 years ago#20
Guess I could pick up Prom Queen Annie.
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