Let's say I have 60 armor and 11 block damage due to masteries and dorans shield

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Thresh can get 99.9% ad reduc

so at that point i guess indomitable + block would compltely stop any incoming AD damage.

blackclever + last whisper

From http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Thresh/Ability_Details
The first soul will grant 1 bonus ability power and armor. Subsequent souls will grant 0.005 less, down to a minimum of 0.5 per stack. Souls cap at 999999. [1]

The 0.5 minimum is reached at 101 stacks, granting 75.75 bonus stats.
The maximum amount of ability power and armor gained is 500,000.25.
This amount of armor, including his base of 18, grants 99.98% damage reduction.
Even with the 35% armor penetration from Last Whisper, Thresh still benefits from 99.96% damage reduction.
Thresh surpasses 99% damage reduction at ~20,000 souls, rendering souls above this surplus with regards to armor.
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Jesus freaking christ, math people are so hot <3
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Amumu gets 10 block damage from his passive on Tantrum and Fizz gets 14 through his passive.

That's 21 or 25 damage blocked from auto attacks from champions, which is pretty nifty.
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