Renek needs nerfs

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I thought it was more that a lot of other carries got nerfed. Besides, those aren't those tiny changes what made maxing his W first more viable?

Not really. Corki and Graves were the top used at the time if I remember correctly. Ezreal AD was not only called sub-par, it was called useless and people would ridicule those who picked him.

After a mana cost reduction he was used a bit, but it was the introduction of PFE that saw his use skyrocket. He was proclaimed the best AD carry bar none and used all of worlds. Then they took away his W AS debuff and was still used very much.

No, every ad carry used to be much stronger until nerf after nerf. After a year and a half, after not being nerfed, Ezreal was worth playing compared to the others.

Compare ezreal at his strongest to vayne at her strongest, or other carries when all they needed to carry was Ie lw