Sejuani Appreciation Topic

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shadow99226 posted...
Solid champ. Unstoppable after level 6, but I sometimes had trouble getting there with all of my lanes crying for help, or getting heavily counterjungle.

That's the only problem I have with her.

A problem that's fixed by playing her top. Just read the guide I linked, it's solid.

Sej is way better in the jungle. She doesn't really work top lane against strong laners, though she's basically a better Shyvana against weak ones.

You'd be relying far too much on a Singed-esque playstyle without that troll's ridiculous survivability. You'd also need a lot of ganks, since Sejuani is amazing at securing kills.

IF you succeed in laning you'll be a total beast, but you can do the same from the jungle basically risk-free.
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