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3 years ago#1
Really surprised more people don't play Bruce Lee top. Free sustain, great dueling, slippery as hell, build warmogs and still hit hard midgame, etc.

Just wondering what builds those who do play him favor. I like going BT and Warmogs (sometimes early Bruta or d blades) most games then situational from there but I was wondering what people thought of BotrK on him. I'm also a fan of spirit visage and BC on him some games.
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3 years ago#2
Ive seen lots of Lee tops lately, don't know what mode are you talking about? Normals? Ranked? Non lvl 30?

Anyways, Most of the guys Ive seen go Tabi>Mallet>BT>Warmogs>Maw. Sometimes they build Randuins or even Bork, but game is usually over by the time the finish up the Maw.
3 years ago#3
I have been playing pretty much only Lee Sin top on my br account and getting super fed on my placement matches (I am going against Bronze players and it's great lolz).

Early on I either get red elixir + 4pots and a ward or cloth armor and pots.

One or two Doran's blades.

Start building bt.

Will get brutalizer before finishing my bt if my enemy is building armor.

I usually build a Randuin's Omen as my main defense item because in my games my bot lane feeds the other one.

Boots at some point.

Warmog's Armor at some point. Will get this before Randuin's if the enemy ap carry is fed.

It's usually gg when I have 5 items sooo....
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3 years ago#4
I build damage with a sightstone and warmogs and split push all game since he's not that good at teamfights later on.
3 years ago#5
Only damage item he should be getting is a The Bloodthirster.
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