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Xion350 posted...
Where anything goes and the builds don't matter.

That's right, the builds are just like League of Legends lore, it doesn't matter.

This first game is called Scenes from a Hat. "Things you should never say to your lane partner when you're being ganked."


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"Maybe I should go AP Yi to help my ADC..."
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Soldier3rdClass posted...
I hear Africa is a country.

rip moke
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From: Xion350 | #008
"Things that go through the minds of Last picks."

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brb door
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50 Elo to shingo and Indiana Jones.

"How Riot decides what to nerf next."
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Nerfs from a hat, yo.
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What the **** is a Sonic?!
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"so... Phreak what champs have been giving you trouble this week?"
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*puts blindfold on*

*throws dart at dartboard of champions*