Xin Zhao top - Item & Skill order?

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User Info: Shibiscuit

4 years ago#1
Torn between 6.8 AD and 12 AR Pen or just 15 AD

He's pretty strong in the beginning, especially level 2 when you get E and Q, but at level 3 4 5, should I be maxing Q or E first, and should I skip W or get 1 point of it?

I used to start 10 red potions and a ward, but is there a better start? I like to rush Brutalizer, two dorans rings, boots, and go Warmong's (Exactly how I build J4)
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User Info: oOoGoodOrange

4 years ago#2
Personally i find maxing E first to be more beneficial and gets me more kills. Your Q lowers your E's CD, which means you can pretty much stick to any target nonstop, not to mention E has a decent burst.

EDIT: I usually only jungle Xin, but aside from Wriggles I rush Ghostblade (personal preference), and then get CDR gear depending on enemy team.

Looks somewhat like this:
Situational boots (Usually Zerks since i like semi-glasscannon Xin)
Warmogs/Frozen Heart/Gauntlet/Locket/Mres gear

User Info: yapk

4 years ago#3
If building high AD go with q if building tanky go with e
his q scales really well with ad
his e on the other hand deals decent damage without any items but deals poor damage with damage items.
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