I swear, offering to play support...

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How many people STILL don't know what Yorick's ult does?

Just looked it up on Leaguepidia,

STILL don't know what Yorick's ult does

Creates a clone of the target. If the target dies and the clone is still alive, the target gets brought back to life for a few seconds to avenge himself..

But is it ten seconds they have to die, then ten seconds to avenge themselves? Or just a flat ten seconds from the time the ult is cast?

Clone appears for ten seconds. If at any point in those ten seconds the target dies, the clone disappears and they get ten more seconds rezzed.
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ten more seconds

Ah, thanks. Exactly the part I wanted to know.
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You know, once upon a time during the release of Nami, I entered the queue. Clicked on accept, the champion select screen loaded, and believe it or not, my four teammates ALL called to play support.

The universe could have imploded.
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