wtf riot gave me a time ban?? this is just ridiculous

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i can see him typing this though.

Ryze [00:32:26] we have a dirty mexican garen
Ryze [00:32:28] on our team
Ryze [00:32:29] we cant win
Ryze [00:32:33] "juan"

i glanced thru these cases but i missed that


If Juan uses E in the bushes, does he cut them down?

if voli craps in the woods.......
Get dumpstered.
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Well I'm happy to see another supreme jerk get banned.
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This is fact and cannot be disputed.
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Haha, I love this game. I get so much entertainment from it, and I don't even play it. Laughing at people like TC who whine about not doing anything wrong but post proof that they did never gets old.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.
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He calls a guy the N word in the 5th case.
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The only reason I come to these boards is to see topics like these. Entertained.
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Tryndamere [00:19:31] report me
Tryndamere [00:19:32] i care
Tryndamere [00:19:33] a lot

*Makes topic on GFAQs to cry about it*

KingofAsia's sister is my waifu
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Gets time ban, posts it on Gfaqs. Where nothing will change from doing so!
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gotta give it to you rusty

this is the most whoosh I've seen in one topic in a looong time.
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