wtf riot gave me a time ban?? this is just ridiculous

#51Price_Of_FamePosted 3/22/2013 3:06:30 AM
I don't even know TC and I can tell this is a joke.

dumb board is dumb.
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mjc0961 posted...
Haha, I love this game. I get so much entertainment from it, and I don't even play it. Laughing at people like TC who whine about not doing anything wrong but post proof that they did never gets old.

and this:

Price_Of_Fame posted...
I don't even know TC and I can tell this is a joke.

dumb board is dumb.

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Fair. And you TC are the one sounding like a little girl, not the ones who voted for punish.
#54darklyger64Posted 3/22/2013 3:25:28 AM
You deserve it dude... Criticism does not state allegations regarding to someone's intelligence, such as you stated before "fu**ing stupid as hell"

I don't see the criticism at all. If you stated, that you're strategy is faulty, because of this and that, then everyone would consider it as a criticism.

Regarding to your case, you did neither and kept insulting him, which resulted in an insinuating comment regarding to criticism.

You even used the word retarded, yet you show no premise why would you give such a statement. Criticism, though it can be taken as a negative statement, produces an explanation how the criticizer has resulted in such an opinion, which you did not do.

I don't see the case of you not feeding, (which as a score of 5/12/ with zero assist.) and not trolling, which is what you were doing trashtalking your teammate rather than helping him with his early jungle. I don't really see anyone that would defend your case. A faulty statement with a deceptive insinuating intention, does not make you a reliable person.
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Price_Of_Fame posted...
I don't even know TC and I can tell this is a joke.

dumb board is dumb.

Some of us probably know. It's just funny to fall for it anyway XD
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itt: gamefaqs

it's why we make fun of people on here
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xRustySpoon posted...
From: peach_vs_faIco | #011
You intentionally fed the first game

no i didn't????

i saw that kayle build in a mobafire guide and the writer said kayle scales best with crit and attack sped. im just doing what im told

gud build bro

htrs gnn hate
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xRustySpoon posted...
From: AK47plz | #006

oh u tink its funny

you try playing with feeders LITERALLY every game and not get upset

i report my teammates almost every game but i dont see them getting banned...... really fair tribunal system i see

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It's so easy to mess with this board.