Most uncommon champ you've gotten a Penta with

#21thecrossnkightPosted 3/22/2013 2:27:12 PM
3 with riven (not uncommon)
1 with AP shaco (sorta uncommon i guess)
1 with corki (i would guess common)
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#22CyborgSage00x0Posted 3/22/2013 2:29:51 PM
Malz-The E bounced off of the first killed champ, onto a minion, then onto a fleeing champ that was nextto his team, all with sub 300 HP. We were all way out of range to catch them, so the E killed one person after another for a penta. The enemy team raged at the Anivia who essentially brought this living virus to their team.
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#23ValhadmarPosted 3/22/2013 2:31:34 PM
Ap Poppy back in the day.
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#24homiesunitePosted 3/22/2013 2:32:48 PM
Only person I've gotten one with was Fiddlesticks. Ulted in, got 2, threw a crow got one more, drained another down, flashed over the wall to get another guy with one last crow.
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#25PolarbarrePosted 3/22/2013 2:37:57 PM
AD Malzahar
#26funkedelikePosted 3/22/2013 2:39:26 PM
Shaco is only penta
one as AD and one as AP
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#27mistermikeymikePosted 3/22/2013 2:49:27 PM
AD shaco in ARAM. when you play as a squishy clown assassin who sucks in teamfights pentas are hard to come by.
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#28Bizen247Posted 3/22/2013 3:09:18 PM
I got it one time with Teemo way before the nerf.
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#29_SNAGRAT_LIEPosted 3/22/2013 3:19:13 PM
Vlad on my cousins account
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#3004DarkPosted 3/22/2013 3:21:12 PM
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