Volibear > Xin >>>>>>>>>>>>&g t; J4

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3 years ago#1
'nuff said

*runs away*
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
between these 3, i'd say xin>j4>>>voli
id say xin and j4 are just better than voli as junglers
and between xin and j4, it's really about what your team needs and what kind of playstyle you have. i personally think xin is better due to his exceptional mobility and great early-midgame. but i know many think j4 is better because of his ability to dish out good CC, EQ combo, and the ability to deal some ridiculous burst damage
still, i'd say xin and j4 are rather VERY close to each other in terms of overall effectiveness with voli behind them

but...all in all, it's all about what your team needs
3 years ago#4
ya because voli has an instant gap closer am i right

3 years ago#5
Voli is a top tier champ but Xin and J4 are better for their gap closers IMHO.
If anything, Hecarim deserves more usage and ban rates.
3 years ago#6
I like Jarvan better as a top laner

3 years ago#7
They all serve different purposes:
Xin: Rush in, Knock up, Knock back, burst the squishy
Jarvan: Knocks up, "I'm helping", tanks for a bit
Volibear: Toss the squishy to team, disrupts enemy, tanks for days
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3 years ago#8
J4 = Xin > Voli
THey all serve different purposes but I just hate how Voli doesn't have a mean to escape or instant gap closer.
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