Anyone else think gold elo is the worst elo to be at?

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I think high Silver is a little worse than Gold, but comparable. That's the range of jerks who think they deserve to be much higher than they should be, and really flaunt that attitude, even though they can be pretty terrible. But I think high silver is worse because they're so close to Gold that they REALLY get uppity. People in Gold still have a sort of reality check when they're kinda far from hitting Plat.
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megadude1 posted...
Back before the League System was put in place. I was around 1450 elo and got placed with a bunch of 1500-1600 people and they just kept bashing me for mistakes. Theres a lot of trash talkers in that area, but I think its better to be put with them because they actually take the game seriously compared to a majority of bronze/silver players. what universe is it better to play a game with dicks

not counting the universe of gay dudes

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