Is ranked play a different ballgame than SoloQ?

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The match making system (theoretically) should put you against people of your level any way, so I don't really agree with having to be crazy prepared for the mode.
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MrFail posted...
I play a pretty mean Veigar/Leona/Nunu and a somewhat less mean Janna.

So if you are stuck into the AD carry role you literally can not help your team? K.
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Yes, of course you do.
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MrFail posted...
I play a pretty mean Veigar/Leona/Nunu and a somewhat less mean Janna.

Firstly, ranked isn't a big deal, and having access to recorded stats is fun and a great measure of progress.

Here's a wonderful video giving you a neat perspective on the right attitude for ranked (not LoL but applicable):

Secondly, you are safe learning some picks and bans and draft mode. You will find that your team will expect blitz, amumu, Shen, and malphite bans; but don't be afraid to ban twisted Fate, and impact junglers.

As for learning new spots, I would recommend:
Mid: Ryze (maybe weak early, but easy to use, tanky, and can hard carry a game.
Mid : Akali (low ELO pub stomper and high presence)
Mid: Twisted Fate (skills shot, high skill cap, can win all lanes at level 6)

Top: Rumble (Awesome Ultimate, lane bully, few counters)
Top : Shen (split pusher, game changing ultimate)
Top: Nidalee (Split pusher, Poker)

Jungle: xin (Early game ganks can snowball all lanes)
Jungle : Jarvan (Awesome Ulti, Tank)
Jungle: Vi (Can lock down and kill a fed squishy target)

Adc: Miss Fortune (Lane bully, teamfight winning ulti)
Adc: Caity ( lane bully, long range, easy to use)

Support: Thresh (day grab)
Support : Sona (lane sustain, utility, AoE Stun ulti)

Most of these champs you can get the gist if in a just a few games, and because they are powerful other current meta, you can have a lot of success without much practice.

Again, I encourage you to jump into ranked, especially if you have 2 or three games in every position. Sure you might end up in Bronze V, but that is just a starting point. Also, by learning a new champ and failing in a ranked environment, you will not ever be obsessed with LP, but will have a clear measure of progress.
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