Kha'Zix is literally Talon

#1xHateradePosted 3/24/2013 11:33:21 AM
Q:Pretty much AA modifier that has a secondary damage effect

W: AoE damage infront of you in a cone that slows

E: Gap closer

Ult: Invisibilty that increases movespeed

literally the same champ
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#2_SNAGRAT_LIEPosted 3/24/2013 11:34:24 AM
doesnt mean he's not fun
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#3XxjudgementPosted 3/24/2013 11:35:13 AM
I see what you're trying to do.
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#4Flare the EchidnaPosted 3/24/2013 11:36:33 AM
Seph is literally aids
#5Masemune_100Posted 3/24/2013 11:36:41 AM
Minus the fact that he evolves to be better Talon.
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#6g-cube_mastaPosted 3/24/2013 11:36:46 AM
Graves is Miss Fortune reworked

Ult moved to Q, Q moved to Ult

AoE cone that slows (graves gets buffed vision reduction)

Attack speed steroid (graves gets an escape attached opposed to passive on hit damage)
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#7DiortePosted 3/24/2013 11:37:16 AM
You're right, we should bring this up to Riot.
#8SenraidPosted 3/24/2013 11:37:43 AM
amumu is the same as sejuani

Q: galp closer
W: area damages over seconds
E: big burster area
R: team stun
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#9CosmosYearsPosted 3/24/2013 11:39:24 AM
They should remove Talon from the game.
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#10Theivey3Posted 3/24/2013 11:42:13 AM
From: Flare the Echidna | #004
Seph is literally aids

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