Bot champ recommendation?

#11johnny_boy84Posted 3/25/2013 9:43:46 AM
I would not recommend Draven for a beginner, or Ashe for that matter. Draven has a hard Axe catching mechanic that could lead you to position yourself poorly, especially if new. Ashe has no natural escape apart from a slow, which makes her somewhat vulnerable.

Corki, Tristana, Ezreal and Caitlyn all have an escape mechanic that is far more forgiving. Corki has a fairly slow base speed though, but does a mixture of dmg that can be useful. Ezreal has a built in flash, which makes him a popular early game choice. Tristana is free, but I find that she she can be difficult early game.
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#12viajarvPosted 3/25/2013 11:11:45 AM
Ashe just because she's 450 IP. You can polish your last hitting skills and learn the position before you commit to a more expensive champ.

With a support warding, your E, Cleanse and your stun at 6, you shouldn't be caught out on their first dive attempt.