What should I be doing when I get behind in a snowbally lane?

#1iiTryhardPosted 3/25/2013 6:44:54 PM
I was duoing with my friend, I picked Diana and he picked Riven. Their team was kassadin and rumble for mid and top. I decided to top vs rumble and he went mid vs Kass. I did fine early on, but at level 5-6 rumble started wrecking me and tower dived me 2 times. By now it was impossible to recover. What should I have done? I ended 5-9 and we lost, but I wasn't the sole reason (Kass got super fed off not lane)

Sorry for textwall
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ask to switch lanes or ask for more help for your jungle.
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Since you were playing Diana some roaming was definitely in order. Her mobility allows her to assist the mid or counterjungle the enemy a bit. I'm not saying you should go gank bot unless you have good communication and/or teleport, but if you're losing a lane super badly sometimes is best just to roam. At the very least you'll freak out the enemy and force more gold into wards.
At the worst, you'll fail your ganks and lose your tower. I would definitely reccomend the counterjungling a bit though