Tips on Kha'Zix?

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User Info: LordMordor

4 years ago#31
in regards to tear.....if you can expect regular access to blue buffs (ie: mid lane, blue side top laner with a mid who doesnt need it), then dont bother with it

if you cant expect blue buffs, then your going to want a tear
W just EATS his mana pool
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User Info: Klobzi

4 years ago#32
HostileFire posted...
Do I get Tears on Kha'Zix? Is it more important to finish Black Cleaver first before picking up Last Whisper or should I get that before BC? Current build: Tears > Brutalizer > Bloodthirster > finish Mercs/Ninja Tabi > finish Manamune (or w/e the 750 mana one is) > BC > LW > Warmogs

I get Brutalizer first and then Tear. Since my elo is crap, I always build a Tear because I don't trust my junglers.
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