1 rp away from a skin

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3 years ago#1
what should i do T.T
3 years ago#2
make a drawing league related in ms paint and send it in with a support ticket. i just did this asking for 30 rp and they gave me 40
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3 years ago#3
Draw a picture for Riot and they'll give you enough RP to get a skin.
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3 years ago#4
Draw a picture similar to this and send it to riot:

3 years ago#5
get 5$ RP
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3 years ago#6
Ask customer support for the 1 rp. usually they will give you one if you draw a league related picture.
3 years ago#7
k thx guys, i drew a picture
3 years ago#8
Well.... show us the picture
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3 years ago#9
umm how do i do that? im a noob lol
3 years ago#10
maybe this will work?

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