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3 years ago#1
Just want some info on how i could have won this game. Serious answers plz, want to improve.

Taric support, me and cait doing ok on bot. Mid lane is losing hard to fizz, yorick just sitting under turret cant even farm. Garen 5/0, fizz 6/2, lee jungle setting things up on their team.

Our vi gives up on top and mid, and sticks bot. We start getting kills, get turret, and then team fights start breaking out. Akali helps 2/10 times, just farms all game, pissed at me for calling her out. Yorick always dead at start of fight, getting caught somewhere (yes i was warding). I peel for cait along with vi each fight, but we can only last for about 1.5 mins before all of our stuff is on cd.

What do?
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3 years ago#2
Not every game is winnable without having foresight.

The important thing is that, if you're better than your competition, it will even out over time.
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3 years ago#3
"Stranded in this spooky town."
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3 years ago#4
Don't call your teammates out, just tell everyone to group up.
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3 years ago#5
I feel like there could have been something that we could have done to won that game. I warded well, (caught them doing baron and aced them with just me cait vi and akali) cait was actually good, vi was gold, and i was reasonably itemized. Just so many people who could dive cait, and only so little stuns lol.
What have i become?
3 years ago#6
It wasnt just me, even vi and cait were yelling at her. At beginning of game, i exp warded our red, they invaded it. I pinged to fight, bc only 3 of them were there, and lee almsot died taking it. Akali didnt move, they then went from red to mid and got FB, and her response was i didnt see them. I was pinging the entire time, to the point i got blocked on pings.

I will laugh and poke fun at peopel who do that, my whole team did, and she muted me
What have i become?
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