Anybody want Riot Graves?

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Your favorite game is Assassins Creed 2 because your 5 star BH but everyone knows 2 > the other AC's.
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What's the difference between a bass player and a Picknick Table?

A picknick table can support a family of four.

badum tss
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where do cats fight?

in a katarina
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TC anyone win yet? :O
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Why was the mushroom so popular at the party?
Because he was a fun-guy!

Where do 1 legged waiters work?

What do you call a cow with no legs?
Ground beef!

What do you call a broken pencil?

What do you call a bear that gets caught in the rain?
A drizzly bear!

Game? Ocarina of Time.
You know 1% milk? If it's 1% milk, what's the other 99% of white stuff?
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You know what's faster than the time that it took to kick Chaox off of TSM? The Snapdragon Processor
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Make u laugh u say?
- Did you hear the story about the man who lost his whole left side of the body?
- He's allright now


I bet your favourite game is Mario
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An American and a Canadian are both out hunting birds for dinner near the border when they both shoot the same bird at the same time.

The dead bird proceeds to land exactly on the border between their respective nations.

The American suggests a contest: "Hey bro, let's kick each other in the nuts until someone gives up and agrees for the other to have the bird."

The Canadian agrees and, being the kind and courteous Canadian he is, also agrees to let the American go first.

The American goes back ten paces and runs up to the Canadian full speed and kicks him right in the nads.

The Canadian buckles over in pain and, whilst curled up holding his balls, hears the American laugh and say: "You win, I give up!"
Remember that failure only occurs the moment you've decided you will no longer strive for success.
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FusionFuryX posted...
Your favorite game is Tales of Symphonia.

You sir....... you sir have just won yourself Riot Graves!!!!