So in champ select, mid on my team picks Zyra....

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InfiniteFSora posted...
I was 8-2 as Vlad and my team yelled at me for building Spirit of the Spectral Wraith because it has mana regen. Apparently it was somehow my fault we were losing team fights even though bot fed Twitch 10 kills by mid-game for building a "troll item."

Apparently until a pro starts to do it (like Voyboy has been doing recently on Vlad), any deviating item builds are trolling.

Better, got yelled at for not building merc treads on MF when my team with Vi, Blitz, and Lux was just letting a Rammus/Garen combo roll up to me, helped by Blitz on several occasions.

You see, apparently, it was "Zed's and Vi's job to dive their Cait while Blitz peels"
Which would have been one thing if they could actually do it as well as Rammus and Garen were rolling over the carries.
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