Seph lux guide

#1xHateradePosted 3/27/2013 11:55:03 AM
1. Pick lux and pick very defensive runes and masteries. These help make your shield have much more effective HP which makes it much harder for assassins to kill you.

Magic pen reds/armor yellows/MR blues/ move speed quints

2. Build

haunting guise/liandries- magic pen and health for when assasins dive you
lich bane- scales with your passive
rylais- health and slow on all your abilities, makes your laser slow. makes liandires do double damage
tear- if you don't want to do damage mid/early game make sure to build tear, it pays of later
merc treads- you don't want to get cc'd and shut down
also you gotta make sure you get athenes and morellos because 40% CDR is overpowered. I love doing no damage more often

also use the steel legion skin, because obviously everything is literally invisible. Hell i can't even see my own laser
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Schref Lux Guide

Hurr deee durrrr. Aim skill shot and kill.
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You should put this on solomid they will replace regi with you
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