so i have about 6 pax ram and graves codes left.

#1mightGuyPosted 3/27/2013 2:28:29 PM
the only thing is that i used them on NA, so any takers for the other servers?
#2AscoltarePosted 3/27/2013 2:29:07 PM
I want a rammus one...
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#3mystic belmontPosted 3/27/2013 2:30:11 PM
pax ram please.
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#4MIG297Posted 3/27/2013 2:31:46 PM
I'll take a graves if you're offering.
#5mightGuy(Topic Creator)Posted 3/27/2013 2:33:11 PM
do you guys on the other servers have any codes i could use in exchange on my NA server? if so, PM me please.
#6Master Of The DeadPosted 3/27/2013 2:35:02 PM
Since I have nothing to offer (other than Dota 2), I would just like to say that anything you would like to donate to me (I'm on EUW) I would be overjoyed to receive.
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#7Volty3Posted 3/27/2013 2:37:46 PM
I'd sell my kidney for Riot Graves but unfortunately I have no codes to offer, anyway gl
#8mightGuy(Topic Creator)Posted 3/27/2013 2:46:37 PM
no other players from other servers?
#9MaxizimoPosted 3/27/2013 2:47:49 PM
I would like a riot graves code for EUW, but don't really have anything to offer you I guess. Other then a Dota 2 key.
#10mightGuy(Topic Creator)Posted 3/27/2013 2:49:55 PM
dang i already have that.