This patch, we made towers strong to discourage tower dives.

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People still argue the passive farmfest thing? It's not 2011 anymore.
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"pushing isn't a part of the game!"

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Playing with champs that integrate DoT damage just got harder.
Yes - including Draven, whose passive causes tower aggro.
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DarkSeraphim123 posted...
From: tuffguy34 | #006
A fed team still can dive easily. Happens all the time to me.


Well that's why buffed them. Being fed and diving wasn't the issue. Early game 3v1 dives were. This push to win play style detracts from real team fighting. Why team fight when you can just end the game in <20 minutes with early game advantages? So lame.

Thank you.

If people wanna go Leroy Jenkins, they can go ****ing play Dominion. I played a few games and the entire time their jungle just camped bot and dove every. Single. Time. None of them died. Kind of trivializes having turrets at all. May as well just have the nexus exposed and ready for pickings at the start of the game.
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>plays a tower defense game
>complains about farming
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solo q sure. 5s team, learn to proper tower micro.
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