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3 years ago#11
SupaPowers posted...
Not in order, but...

Miss Fortune
Twisted Fate

Honorable Mention: Orianna

I know there are more to add to the list, but this is pretty much a who's who of completely dominate champions.
3 years ago#12
needs moar shen
3 years ago#13
I see so many Zed users
3 years ago#14
I see SHen in action maybe 1/10 games
He's always goddamn banned.

As for Zed...
I don't know if he's a top-10 champ.
3 years ago#15
PSN: FunKeeJ
3 years ago#16
Interesting that most of the strong champs right now are junglers or top laners.

It just goes to show you how stale other lanes are. Support and ADC champions are all pretty similar in terms of their game impact. AP carries are all pretty homogenous unless you break the mold to play an assassin. That leaves top and jungle in terms of champion choice that actually has a major effect on the game.
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