is a 8.5/2.4/5.8 per game averge good?

#11HappyDude69Posted 3/28/2013 10:33:51 PM
kills should only be measured in time your opponents spend dead.

Gold per game is FAR more important, its not a death match.
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Reaper_Minion posted...
Why do people still take this guy's topics seriously? He's a well-known troll.

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If you think about it, if your K:D is above 1:1 then that's above a mean average because for every kill there has to be a death.

The median/mode average is probably around the mid mark
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i am 10.7/game 2.7/game 6.1/game

as vi mid. i wish she wasn't banned half the time though
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This dude really boasting about his Silver KDA? LOL
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wrbk posted...
This dude really boasting about his Silver KDA? LOL

its very good for solo queue.

if i duo queued with another great player and did kill lane bot then it would be alot higher obviously
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weren't you the guy that whined about being stuck in silver, complained he couldn't carry out... and then admitted that he was a solo queue MVP diva that didn't want to do anything to help his team if it negatively impacted his score in ANY way?

yeah, you're forever silver.

get rid of your ****ty attitude, stop worrying about KDA and focus on teamwork and objectives.
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