You're having breakfast with the last champion you played

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3 years ago#31

Me: Hey the toster is broken do you mind?

Shyvana: *Ults into the bread burning it*

Me: You could have just used flame breath...maybe we should just go to ihop
3 years ago#32

It's like walking up to a girl you really like, going in for a kiss, only to get a casual punch to the face before the kiss.
- Notch
3 years ago#33
KloudtheYoukai posted...

I'm sure he enjoys fried chicken :D

Pffft racist

Lulu so I guess... squirrel... OH **** LULU WHY DID THIS TURN INTO CAITLYN!!!
Annie TDC Hastur Shut up jesus.
LoL IGN: I Rock Ths
3 years ago#34
Me and Gatekeeper Galio enjoy some....demonic.....rock burgers....I had to get takeout, because Galio had to stay at the gate.
Formerly Z911
3 years ago#35

I guess we both have cereal or something. Maybe eggs and bacon.
Breloom is the satanic spawn of hell.-BahamutZero92
3 years ago#36
Poppy. Scrambled eggs and sausage. No coffee. She likes her slow starts. And we eat at a fancy diner with us getting free food due to her diplomatic immunity.
Math with Vi!
My 2 fists - 1 of your face = 1 dead foe.
3 years ago#37
Suffer_Not posted...
From: UmiKaru | #024
Traditional Karma.

I'm guessing sake for breakfast?

Alcohol for breakfast? Maybe if it were College Freshmen Karma.

Traditional oriental styled breakfasts are a bowl with an egg cooked over it, some sort of soup (miso for example), and then normally a grilled fish for protein. They normally drink tea, but it depends on the area.

Thanks, Suffer :D

Sounds delicious!
3 years ago#38

I dunno, maybe tuna or calamari or some other ocean ****.
I'd love to hear your life story and all, but I'm kind of busy eating this nice plate of "I don't give a damn".
3 years ago#39
no coffee

we'd eat at an outdoor patio of some decent restauraunt

I'd have like lasagna or something

kha'zix would devour me and evolve
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