Wtf riven is on sale?

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User Info: metalhead7443

4 years ago#21
Current current status:

All fixed, the Easter sale must have screwed things up, Lulu, MF and Heimer are on sale as well as the skins
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User Info: Soul_Devour

4 years ago#22
Whew, looks like I was on at the right time then!
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User Info: FlameLord23

4 years ago#23
I own all of the champs on sale wtf?

I mean I did buy caitlyn the day she went on sale, but still...
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User Info: hypermoe

4 years ago#24
saw this when it was active, at least for the champions. eneded up getting anivia, wish i saw the skins i would have loved cottontail teemo.
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  3. Wtf riven is on sale?

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