Hey guys, I found the topic that TTaiga will create to say he's reached Diamond

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Add me I'm good. ign Schmelton
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EDumey posted...

Though, if the custom scene seems fixed in HotS and there are actually good games coming out, THAT could convince me to switch over full time. I miss my Brood War/Frozen Throne UMS days.

Yeah, as much as I love SC2. Nothing will beat WC3 UMS games. Not even including DotA, I spent hundreds of hours on games like Island Trolls, Hero Wars Exiled, Custom Hero Wars, Rabbits vs Sheep, any of the Bounds, Are You a Stupid Person, Wilderness Survival, any turret defense especially elemental turret defense, vamperism, man I'm making myself feel sad from all the awesome games that I'll probably never get to play again.

the feels
I got so much love I don't know where to put it
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Agreed with the feels man. I'm thinking of making a game on War3, was going to post on League General and here and potentially stream work on it, but I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in seeing that.
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remember enfos?
rip in peace
I got so much love I don't know where to put it
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The million unbalanced Helm's Deep maps

Oh god the feels
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get borked
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