Zac is Trash

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3 years ago#1
Hes just not good
My new hat
3 years ago#2
sup butters LOL IGN: Paintballreturns
3 years ago#3
ITT: people who never played zac
3 years ago#4
ur hat is trash
3 years ago#5
lol @ the fedora. CE never change
According to Wikipedia, you don't exist!
3 years ago#6
oh my god, that picture is gold

****destr0yer for sure
3 years ago#7
From: zeppelin312 | #006
oh my god, that picture is gold

****destr0yer for sure

not enough chin fuzz imo
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3 years ago#8
whats wrong with my fedo?
My new hat
3 years ago#9
crad99 posted...
whats wrong with my fedo?

You're not fedorable enough, that's what
It's like walking up to a girl you really like, going in for a kiss, only to get a casual punch to the face before the kiss.
- Notch
3 years ago#10
You can't pull of a fedora. This guy can.
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