When you play normals, do you play blind or draft?

#1ShurikoPosted 3/29/2013 7:31:43 PM
Blind or draft? - Results (95 votes)
78.95% (75 votes)
18.95% (18 votes)
I don't play normals
2.11% (2 votes)
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#2MaeivPosted 3/29/2013 7:33:00 PM
Norm draft is a waste of time.

Just rank at that point.
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#3thedarklordx3Posted 3/29/2013 8:25:50 PM
I'm not in ranked yet, so i play draft normals to get good and seperate myself from the pure liquid autism surrounding blind normals
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#4FandomOfRandomPosted 3/29/2013 8:26:56 PM
Depends on my mood. Blind if I just want to play a specific champ. Draft if I want to win. Ranked if I want to... increase my rank?
#5princemarth23Posted 3/29/2013 8:28:11 PM
Blind, but when I play with certain friends I do Draft because that's what they prefer.
#6XxMistahKrazyxXPosted 3/29/2013 8:56:55 PM
Blind pick

Otherwise it wouldnt be part of the whole yoloqueue thing

And its normal, so who cares
#704DarkPosted 3/29/2013 9:04:18 PM(edited)
Depends... I switch between the two.
Blind when I want free wins.
Draft when I want to have competent allies and opponents.
Most of my games have been blind, but most of my last 75 games has been draft.
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#8aHappySackaPosted 3/29/2013 9:09:35 PM
Babies play blind.

Real men play draft.

Try-hards play ranked.
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