Jungle Nasus

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User Info: GhostSignal

3 years ago#1
Ok, so why didn't I try this before? It only seems like a recent 'thing' too. He clears well, sick ganks, scales well into late. That passive is stupid, too. I only ever have to leave the jungle to gank or refill my mana.


User Info: darkwing1232

3 years ago#2
Already been discussed extensively and as a result Wither will probably be nerfed in the coming patches. But yes he's my favorite jungler at the moment. He can even solo dragon at 6.

User Info: Fenrir the Wolf

Fenrir the Wolf
3 years ago#3
GhostSignal posted...
Ok, so why didn't I try this before? It only seems like a recent 'thing' too.

Only recently was his Q modified to stack better in the jungle. That and he got other QOL changes which encouraged more play from him.
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User Info: Ravid182

3 years ago#4
I go 21 into utility, rush mobility boots first item, with movement speed quints. If I get a good starting leash I don't even need an HP potion even with that.

I just run around ganking like a powerball rammus.

I max E too cause if you are going into the jungle just to farm your Q what are you even doing....

The faster clear speed for more ganks is more important than getting your what already will be too poorly farmed Q to be relevant slightly more farmed. Plus that armor reduction on E is really powerful when ganking lanes [normally top due to them being an AD lane]

User Info: tranquilizerrr

3 years ago#5
Wither is way too strong. I even bought those slow reduction boots and it felt like walking through tar.
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User Info: GhostSignal

3 years ago#6
I go for a point in E, Q then W. Max E first, then W and Q last.

Wither is frigging stupid I gotta admit; I can see it getting nerfed along with his passive and maybe a tiny slap on the wrist for his ult, too.

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