Champion Charts - Korean Challengers only

#1GreatKiraLordPosted 3/31/2013 9:05:12 AM

Well, once you click on the challenger tier, the tabs mean (left --> right):

Win rate
Not sure after that

Shen's win rate isn't so bad at all but Zed's win rate...ehhhhhhhh not too good.
Korean challenger guys are saying Zed is only good in very few selection of pros and nothing more. They're saying Zed is a champion you'll get good scores with but lose the game with.
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just translate with google chrome

after gold it goes ward/pink ward, and rating, which appears to go up to 5.00
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Idk what the meta in Korea is, but I'm surprised MF has such a low pick percentage.
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Google translate is beautiful.

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Thanks Kira.
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Thanks Kira.
Look at those terrible win rates for Jarvan and Zed...
Oh my god...
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LOL khazix as car jigs
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Gerobon posted...
Google translate is beautiful.

Cut-Half years old.

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Eads real
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damn...kayle, zed, jarvan, vi, etc with horrible w/l
look at that win rate for tf.
shen's win isn't so bad. this just means shen just has to be used right.

google translation loool what a joke